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Dearest Senator (and hopefully soon President) Cruz,First and foremost I want to thank you for your fight and for being one candidate I can actually say I’d be proud to have as my president if only I could get clarification on one thing. You see I’m at a crossroads in my life and there’s one thing I need to know before I decide whether to vote for you or God forbid someone in the Democratic Party.

When I think about how to define myself the first thing and most important thing is that I am a Christian and my heart beats for Jesus. For many many years I was told that it would be against God to go with my heart when it comes to who I’ve always been attracted to. Because of this I tried numerous times to take my own life but every attempt and survival made it that much more apparent that I was supposed to follow my heart. I still struggled for many more years and literally became so ill I had to be hospitalized many times because I was keeping who I really was a secret from my friends and very republican family. I prayed and prayed for God to change me then when I realized that wasn’t going to happen I came to the conclusion that I had to honor the person that God created and learn to love her or I’d continue to suffer and most likely die from being so emotionally sick that it made me so unbearably physically sick. The one day I knew was coming finally came and I decided to tell my mom that I was gay and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t change it. She said she still loves me but just can’t wrap her head around it as she and my father did everything in their power to raise a strong Christian woman. I’m still the strong, faithful, devout Christian woman I have always been, I just happen to be in love with a woman. Once I finally accepted myself for who God made me to be I was ready to find my other half and God didn’t waste any time bringing her to me. I am so incredibly in love with this woman and all I want to do for the rest of my life is love her and praise Jesus for bringing her to me. I was one that said I would never get married however I love this woman so much that that’s what I want to do. She has two little boys and I would like the chance to adopt them or at least help raise them as if they were my own. I know without the prospect of marrying this woman there are so many things that we wouldn’t qualify to be as equal as the rest of heterosexual world. Things like healthcare and joint benefits are the main issues that concern me about not being able to officially marry this woman. I feel that it’s up to the states to determine whether or not gays should be able to marry as in the constitution it basically says the federal government should have nothing to do with gay marriage. However honestly I’d like for it to stay legal for people like me to get a marriage certificate (I’m not even saying we should be allowed to get married in a church, I just want to be able to go to the JP and get a certificate) so that they can live their lives together and have the same benefits that heterosexual couples have. My confusion lies in where you stand on this topic. I stand with you on nearly everything you stand for but I cannot vote for someone who will make it even more difficult for me to live my life the way God intended. That’s just how it is. 

Look senator it comes down to this, are you going to change the laws about gay marriage to make some people happy or are you finally going to stand up against the radical tea partiers and keep marriage an equal rights opportunity?

The Constitution does not mention marriage. In fact, the Constitution does not discuss any issues concerning morality.  The Constitution and therefore the federal government is not allowed to have an opinion on gay marriage and when Congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

The constitution says, via the Tenth Amendment, that the States and the People of those states should decide what they want to do about gay marriage without any interference from the federal government.

So say we follow the constitution and make it a state issues, where would make Texas stand on the marriage equality act?

I appreciate your time and consideration on this matter and I look forward to hearing what your reply is because this will determine how I and many of my friends like me vote.

Thank you again for running an incredible race and for standing up for what is right.

A fellow republican and Christian who happens to be gay,

Kimberly McPherson