My Dog- Prayers Really Do Work! | Without A Label.

An update on my dog, Harley. All of the prayers really are working! Thank you all so very much, I cannot express my appreciation enough. I love you all!


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  2. Nizy says:

    I declare…. the gift of your mercy and grace dear Lord! Please… Please help Harley.

    • Hey hon, Harley has gotten pretty bad. She is refusing food completely. It looks like Monday is going to be the day. I’m a wreck. Need big time prayers. Spending every single second nurturing her. Just putting off blogging till.. When there is more time. Don’t know what else to do but pray and hold her. Doing everything from my phone when I do get a second. Wish you were here. I could use a hug.
      can you post in the groups for me. I don’t know when I’ll get a second to. Just tell everyone to pray please. I’ll get to to taking care of things later. For now, I have some love to give away to my dog. Love you hon. Mwah and hugs,

      • Nizy says:

        Been praying my dear Kim… that is an aweful news.. Please Lord Help Harley. I felt like crying dear. I will then notify ’em and tell ;em to pray. Big hugs… don’t ever give up! God with us. With much Love- Nizy

  3. Nizy says:

    God please keep us all praying for more love for each other in this world. Help us to fight the evil, stay in our hearts and keep us together..God please let us remember that without valleys? There are no mountins to stand with you on. Dear God please continue to heal our dearest Harley… Please take away her pain… Dear Father I’m declare the gift of your mercy and grace…Holy spirit is dancing in my heart today as I speak to you Lord….. Thank you Jesus!

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