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A reblog of one of my favorite bloggers Lesley Fletcher. This woman really knows how to create, inspire, give hope, and make someone laugh. If you are not following her already I highly suggest it. It will brighten your day. I promise!
Love you lots,

Inspiration Import

Of course my moods change, but the average is serenity. I have a firm faith in art, a firm confidence in its being a powerful stream which carries a man to a harbor, though he himself must do his bit too; at all events, I think it such a great blessings. Vincent van Gogh

My little 5×5 inch piece of work is tucked in between two of  Master Artist Vincent van Gogh. What nerve of me to think my art can compare to his!

Of course I am not comparing at all and anyone who knows me would be on the floor laughing at the audacity of the thought. What I can compare though is MOOD. As van Gogh’s quotation points out his general mood is serenity which reflects in his art, as is mine. But, I look at my ‘Pink’ piece I see that I did not possess an…

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  1. Thanks so much for re-posting and for your generosity and belief in me. I smile at your zest for life.

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