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A great post by that I thought needed to be reblogged. I hope you enjoy it. Much love to you all!

Victory Over Depression Blog

Reality for Christians include experiences of trials, sufferings, and temptations that Christians go through every day.  In many ways, I am sure you can relate to them to your own life.  Some are very common to believers; others are much more serious.  My prayer is you see the reality of them and can ACCEPT your own trials, sufferings, and temptations.

I state “accept” because trials, sufferings, and temptations will occur.  That is a guarantee.  I only recommend that you permit the Holy Spirit to teach you the difference between unnecessary trials, sufferings, and crosses and those approved by God.

There sure is a significant difference.  I would be delighted if the Christian life would be easier.  However, the reality is the Christian life involves suffering.  I am quite sure you prefer to hear it “like it is” instead of a fantasy type of Christian life…

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